Chelsea Glasow

Thought Process

Have you ever been asked, “What makes you happy?” or “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” Now if you don’t know where you see yourself in 10 years that is 100% OK, but have you ever noticed common answers? “My friends, family, dog, and the outdoors make me happy” etc. “I see myself with kids, a stable job, a house ….etc.” Those are common answers and quite frankly there really isn’t anything wrong with them, but have you ever realized how surface level these answers are? I’ve always have been a deep thinker and picture everything with great detail, but unfortunately when I answer questions like so, my answers as well, are quite surface level. Being someone who struggles badly with anxiety, I get anxious answering questions like this so I basically just answer them as vague as possible to be safe. Do you know how messed up that is? Not only me, but the general population, anxiety or not, feels societal pressures enough to answer these questions at a surface level. When did it become “uncool” to be a deep thinker and talker. We are so afraid to express our thoughts and ourselves because we are so unsure of what society will think and whether or not we are good enough. You know what I say to that SCREW THAT! Be  YOU, think DEEPLY, speak ELABORATELY, and hustle the hell out of every minute of every day to get what you want.

It was always an insecurity of mine that I didn’t answer questions or express myself deeply and I didn’t realize others noticed it until I recently took a business course. I was stopped and told that basically I wasn’t answering anything with enough detail so my instructor left the room and gave me the opportunity to answer the question “Where do I want to be in 10 years?” When I finally wrote out in detail exactly what I wanted and in the order I wanted it I was brought to tears. Why did I shove all of this detail away? Was I afraid to go for what I wanted? I am overly thankful to Elizabeth for making me dig deeper within myself and discover what I really wanted and where I wanted to be. Since my course with Elizabeth, I feel more determined then ever to chase my goals and honestly change the world. I never thought I’d share something like this, but to start a movement of not being afraid to share your thought process and what you want to a deeper level, I will start by sharing exactly what I want in life. Please remember this is extremely personal, but I want to be raw with you and I want you to challenge yourselves to be raw as hell and think deep as shit!


What I Want:

  1. I want to be happy. I want to wakeup every morning with a refreshed mind set. I want to look into the mirror and love every aspect of myself. I want to indulge in every colourful, healthy food and fuel my mind and body for the day. I want to get outside and pump fresh air through my mind; my mind that is free of anxiety and depression and no longer on medication. My intelligent mind that is full of positivity and creativity. I WANT TO BE HAPPY!

  2. Family. I want to have a life long partner who loves me for everything that I am and picks me up when I am down. I want to wakeup every morning and see the sun peeking through the blinds onto his back and wake him up with a kiss on the cheek before falling back asleep for a little before awaking to the alarm. I want a dog and kids, first a small dog eventually accompanied by a large dog that I can go on runs with. I want kids, 2 or 3 that my partner and I can play with in the back yard after picking them up from grandmas after work. I want to cook together, smile, laugh, and cry together and hold our kids to sleep. I want to scratch his back until we fall asleep and wakeup the next morning to start all over again.

  3. I want to create a successful business that I put my heart and soul into creating that I love going to everyday. I want to give this business my all with the exception of keeping this business wherever my family is. With my career in makeup I would love to travel, not too many times a year that I’m away from my family too many times, but a couple times a year that create amazing experiences and memories within me that I will forever cherish. I want an environment that clients feel APART of, I crave this desire and it will happen. I will put all the hours that I can into it and always treat my business with the respect it deserves.


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