Diana De Jong

Stay high.

Yeah, I'm sure my mom would be happy to read that. Personally, i don’t specifically mean marijuana, but I mean if thats your thing, light it up! When I told Mia that I wanted my stickers to have the saying “Stay High” on them, I was leaning more towards the emotional high. You know, that feeling where all your daily stresses and worries fade away and your senses are overwhelmed with your surroundings.


If any of you have seen me on social media, you know I’m extremely passionate about the mountains, perhaps obsessed. For me, my high is mountain high. There are few things that come close to that feeling, but nothing puts my whole world in a better perspective than reflecting at the peak of my favourite mountain, way up high.  And on that note, there is nothing more freeing than flying down from that peak on two planks that send me on one hell of a ride. Skiing is pretty neat in the sense that you don’t know who’s past those goggles, kind of a shield of confidence for me. That confidence is known to fade when I take my goggles and oversized jacket off, cause well shit. Now people can see my muffin top and my blonde ass eyelashes that make it seem like I have none. But yo, when I’m skiing and I’m rippin' and I can feel my second roll bouncing, I’m not even mad. The only thoughts that go through my head is, holy shit I am ripping and if I catch an edge I’m gunna break every bone in my body. But thats the feeling I live for… knowing I could die at any moment. That’s my high. Skiings even cooler because you’ll see boys falling, you’ll see girls falling, you’ll see girls slayin, you’ll see boys slayin, and it won’t even matter because you know they're there because they wanna slide down the side of a hill for the fun of it.


The fun of it. Do we ever do stuff for the fun of it anymore? There will always be societal queues that will twist what’s supposed to be fun for girls and what’s fun for boys, but in the end you just have to feel it for yourself. My brother always taught me to ski with 10% control (Mom isn’t too fond of that mantra). Let go of your expectations, don’t psych yourself out about a run until you’ve hit it, or, don’t tell yourself you can’t until you’ve tried it. Let yourself soar and feel it. Sometimes, you just have to let your skis do the decision making and let them take you where you’re meant to go.


Whether you get high on sharpies, acrylic paint, runners high, fresh air high, arena high, adrenaline high, that high you feel from laughing so hard, that high you feel with that certain someone...When you look in the mirror and you feel like your muffin top is bursting from the seams, or whatever your self doubts may be, get high.  It won’t matter when you’re flying.

Diana is a passionate skier and a soon to graduate clinical massage therapist. You can find her around YEG and right here....

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