Jeanie Andronyk

My days aren't typical small business owner days; solder a ring shank, run upstairs to bring lunch to the field, come home and collect the chicken eggs, set stones, weed the garden and then return emails. Benchwork and admin are peppered with outdoor adventures and farm life. Starting a business where I make something so personal as wedding and engagement rings somewhere so remotely as southwest Saskatchewan would prove to be a huge challenge, and I found ways to problem solve.

There are two major parts of my business. One, of course, is my online presence that I've worked hard on to convey something that represents me, my work, and my brand. Virtually working through ring designs with clients is a joy. I love emailing photo progressions of a piece and collaborating with folks via email/Skype to come up with something breathtaking. The other part of my business is meeting my customers in person through craft and art fairs, which allow me to reach a lot of people which I may not otherwise get to meet. I love chatting with people, and seeing someone who you've made a ring for is so satisfying.

Since I can't be on the road all the time (my animals at home aren't going to pet themselves, surely), I decided to model my next venture out of my husband's experiences of touring Canada in a punk band. I organized a tour last October, visiting Edmonton, Vancouver, and Calgary; cities where I had the most requests for meet ups. Couples and individuals met up with me to view and try on my pieces, brainstorm custom rings for their partners for surprise engagements, and to get their fingers sized. The one-on-one appointments were amazing, and being able to hang out with folks I was making such an incredibly sentimental piece for made the experience of the creative process even more meaningful. I will definitely be making the tour a yearly event, with this October bringing improvements based on last year's feedback.

It's a balancing act; my need for creative isolation and space, and my desire to interact with people and community. I feel like I've established an ideal marriage between these two parts of my life. Growing my business in this unconventional setting, holing up in my studio for long periods of time, and then bringing my pieces out into the world is a huge win. The synergy of all these things allows me to make future heirlooms that both my clients and I can truly feel proud of.


Best wishes,

Jeanie Andronyk

I discovered Jeanie's amazing jewelry after seeing her work at the Royal Bison Craft Fair where she used to be a co-organizer. Her pieces are inspired by astrogeology and geological formations, and so each of her unique, handmade pieces has a sci-fi touch! Her stones are also conflict free, her metal is 100% recycled and she uses a mineral originally found in meteorites! Head straight to her website through the link below.  

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