Maria Torres

I recently found a piece of paper at home in Berlin, it was covered in writing from my time back in high school. It must have had a strong hook on my young self because somehow it ended up in Germany, which means I took it with me from my family house in Spain all the way to Berlin about 10 years ago. Strange, I have no recollection of transporting it, yet when I found it, a vague memory of the writing came to me. 

It contained a long reflection on the nature of consciousness. Questions regarding the multilayered quality of the self, “why can thoughts be observed? Is that observing entity me? Can the observing entity be observed?”. It finished with the following sentence written in big capital letters “THE HUMAN PSYCHE IS A MYSTERY, IT NEVER ENDS”. 


Funny, I would probably write the same text today, with an extended vocabulary acquired through art education and the practice of yoga and meditation. These fields of knowledge have been the structure to shape the timeless question on the deepest nature of life. The artwork I create comes from the desire to engage with this mystery, a way of honouring the complexity and depth of being in a world that celebrates only curated aspects of it - an age of materialism. 


As a young girl my art was very self involved, fuelled by self exploration from the belief that human beings are independent and isolated bubbles, sharing a space to float around and demanding things from each other. I am 30 now and the last 3 years have been a revolution on my beliefs of love, connection and identity. My awareness is intertwined with everything, I no longer take the material shape of things as the truth. The idea of the bubble was an illusion, an incomplete, subjective angle of reality. I am not an island of life, but part of a multilayered system deeply interconnected. From this way of relating, a responsibility to the whole emerges. What can I give? 


These days my work focuses mostly on the feminine. I am a woman and from the experience of owning this body it is very clear that we urgently need to evolve our assumptions of what being a woman means. 

Ask yourself: what are the values today attached to the notions of the feminine and masculine? 

What do these words mean beyond the biology and sexuality of humans? How are these energies present in animals, in nature, in space?. If we look outside for this knowledge we will find that the patterns of our culture don´t point at the truth. By following these patterns we are creating dysfunctional human beings. We need more references of true knowledge, of balanced men and women. 


So, what can i give?. Creating images makes all the parts of me thrive, it engages creativity and play, it keeps me alert in making sense of the happenings in life, but the real kick is sharing. Sharing connects these images to others. Perhaps another woman has experienced an abortion and felt shame and she runs into my work on this subject. Now she knows there are others out there that went through it, the bubble of isolation breaks. The drawing is kind of crazy, floating heads, blood and bright colours, it is so extreme it takes the edge off it. In this sharing we find relief and connection, we can relax and have a laugh, and hopefully we learn something and give it to our children. 

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