So, how’s that yoga thing going?


I have been teaching yoga for almost two years, and those around me know that my teaching is a central part of my life. And even those not as close know I love yoga and because they maybe don’t understand it entirely the question I am often asked is “how is that yoga thing going?”. I assume the thing is my teaching, and initially I would become irritated by the question being posed in such a way. As if referring to the sacred act of teaching a yoga class was just a simple ‘thing’. But that isn’t what people meant at all by asking the question, they were just inquiring to the best of their knowledge and I should have realized sooner the kindness in their consideration to even ask. But that’s the thing about being human, we make mistakes and we make judgements that we can later regret.


I realize that Yoga, and everything it entails which is so deep and rooted into my life can be extremely confusing and strange to people who don’t practice or just aren’t familiar with the lineage. Yoga classes can be intimidating as well, with the idea that you need to be Gumby-style flexible or a hippie that doesn’t believe in deoderant to participate. But I promise everyone I know, that if they give yoga a try, a class that is suited to their needs and desires, that they will enjoy it. I mean it, you just can’t be grumpy during yoga, its virtually impossible. Partially because it is so good for you and also because everyone else in the room is on a yoga high you can’t help but catch. This is a part of why I love teaching. I get to share my passion for yoga, breath and movement, with other people and newbies are my favourite. 


There can be a misconception in the yoga community, that teachers position themselves at the front of the room to command attention and make everyone look just like them. But that just isn’t the case. Being a teacher is just like being a tour guide. It is not about me, at all, it is about the students experience on the mat and in their own body. I really don’t even resonate with the terminology ‘teacher’ and ‘student’ with yoga because the individual doing to the practice is truly both teacher and student for themselves. Yoga isn’t about looking hot in stretchy pants, being bendy and drinking chai tea all day. It’s about taking care of yourself in an authentic way, your body, mind and soul. To me, yoga is the truest form of self-care and an opportunity to show myself gratitude and love. 


I am beyond blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of other people’s yoga practice daily in a studio which values everything I stand for as a human being. Lahari Yoga is more than just a yoga studio, it is a safe space for freedom of expression without judgement or riticule of any kind. The owner trusts in the teachers with all her heart, and allows us to offer something unique in each class and for that I am so grateful. I have been able to find my niche as a teacher within these studio walls and it fills my heart. Not only am I supported as a teacher, I am supported as an individual and as a dreamer. I imagined an event that brought yoga and community together to share and collaborate, and Lahari Yoga empowered me to put that dream into action with the help of like-minded people. That is what the International Day of Yoga Celebration is. It is a day where we celebrate yoga, but we also celebrate diversity, community, loving kindness and gratitude. 


The day has something for everyone, an Amazing Race, a marketplace, food, music and of course a community yoga class. Yoga is meant to be inclusive and that is exactly what the International Day of Yoga Celebration is about. All ages, all types of people, joining together as businesses, yogis, families and  most importantly as human beings.


This is now an annual event, that I know will live on in some way forever and into the universe after we are no longer here because it is a vibration, it is a higher energy. One of love, light and goodness. So if you are really wondering, what is up with this yoga thing, you better come out and join us Sunday, June 26th at Lahari Yoga.


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Lahari Yoga INternational Day of yoga Celebration

Sunday June 26, Lahari Yoga, 12-4pm

Join Lahari Yoga in celebrating the international day of yoga with a mini festival, amazing race and and outdoor class! Click to find out more about the local vendors below!