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I'm Mia Ohki, an artist currently living and working 

between Alberta and British Columbia, Canada.

Artist Statement


"I work with distinct black line-work for traditional simplicity in my communication of emotions and ideas. Although I occasionally experiment with different mediums, I usually use black pen or paint on white canvas or paper. I attempt to inspire feelings in the viewer with emphasis on setting and body language instead of clear facial features or expressions. My work is for all audiences and I strive to create relatable portrayals of the feminine, social, and cultural influences in my life. Subject matter frequently centers around my background, and as a Japanese-Metis artist, it serves as a way to show the viewer a unique mixed cultural perspective. Interactions with nature and the personification of nature are also subjects I have enjoyed exploring throughout my practice. My first solo show titled 'I Know What It Looks Like'' was completed in 2018 - all information can be found if you click the button below."